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CEREC in 28277

When dental decay, cracked teeth, old broken fillings or root canals have caused extensive damage to the underlying tooth structure, it’s time for the royal treatment. Here in Charlotte NC 28277 CEREC crowns—the custom crowns that are fabricated same day—are the ultimate in convenient, and practical restorative care for your teeth. At the office of Leo Uicker DDS, some of the most sophisticated dental treatment materials and technologies are being made available for your benefit. Providing a comprehensive array of services, ranging from preventive and restorative care, to cosmetic and emergency dental treatment, the expert staff at Leo Uicker DDS have got you covered.

28277 CEREC

Coverage of your tooth with a dental crown restores both the cosmetic appearance as well as the function of your tooth. Whereas ordinary crowns take more than one visit to fabricate and ship from a dental lab, with Charlotte NC 28277 CEREC crowns, your custom crown is milled from the highest quality dental grade ceramics right there in your dentist’s office! And saving on time, doesn’t mean missing out on quality. Completely customized to the color, shape and apparent alignment of your teeth, CEREC crowns are tailor-made to your mouth, to provide a seamless, natural appearing smile. Using some of the most ingenious 3-dimensional computer imaging software, your mouth is digitally analyzed, and the crown is digitally designed to suit the exact specifications of your tooth. When your CEREC crown is completed, it is carefully cemented atop your prepared natural tooth structure, and immediately functions just like a natural tooth.

If you’re in Charlotte NC 28277 CEREC crowns provide the utmost in convenient restoration of your smile. In fact, whatever dental services you or your family require, consider visiting the highly skilled and experienced Dr. Leo Uicker DDS for the state of the art dental care. Call his office at the number below to learn more.


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